A good sign for the New Year

I think I got a good sign for the New Year

I took the dogs for a great hike in the snow the other day. The snow had finally stopped for a day, so we headed to our favorite canyon. I took my small point and shoot camera, which takes pretty good pictures, but sucks for shooting outdoors. It doesn’t have a view finder, so I have to point, shoot, and hope. When I had chance to view the images on my computer, I saw this.
A good sign for the New year
 It’s a heart in the sky, that has to be a good sign for the New Year. Don’t you think?
A good sign for the New year
 I had to tweak the image in Lightroom, just to see if I could make it more interesting. I kinda like this old school look. 
Here are some cute dog pictures, simply because you can’t ever have too much of that. This was probably our last snow hike this year, since we are now in St. George, Utah and will be going to Arizona soon.
Snow hiking Snow hiking with dogs

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  1. Doesn’t get any better than a heart in the sky! Definite sign of good luck for the New Year!

  2. Hi,

    You’ve got wonderful pictures. The dog is so adorable. And the heart is indeed a good sign for the year ahead.

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