Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Bryce Pettit

Today’s Artsy Fartsy Tuesday artist is Bryce Pettit. Bryce is a friend of ours and lives here in Utah. He is a wildlife sculptor, and does fantastic work. He really knows his animal anatomy, and that makes a huge difference in the quality of his sculptures.
Here is a little about Bryce.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for creating art. I grew up drawing and painting, but when I first discovered sculpture a deep connection was forged. I could never get enough and took every opportunity to learn and practice.

When I entered college I studied biology and ecology. I have always had a love for animals and the natural world and enjoyed my studies, even continuing on to graduate studies.

Eventually my passion for art became undeniable. With the support of my wife, I began a career as a sculptor. At first I got any sculpting related work that I could find. This mostly consisted of sculpting artistic architectural elements for manufacturing companies. These jobs allowed me the chance to sculpt everyday as well as have the time to develop my art. This also gave me the opportunity to interact with many artists through the bronze casting community and I have taken advantage of the critiques and input of many sculptors. I began to participate in juried art shows and competitions as well as showing in several galleries.

I have been able to make a living and support a family for 10 years now and am excited about a continued future as a sculptor. I have received various national and regional awards and have sculptures in public and private collections throughout the country. Through serious art study and hard work I am always striving to progress and improve my sculpting.

My subject matter is wildlife, which reflects my interest and study of biology. I try to make my sculptures more than just models of the animal subject, but great pieces of art created with strong design, feeling and composition.

I currently live in Monticello, Utah with my wife Erin and our three children Lydia, Alan, and Jesse.



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