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Today’s Artsy Fartys artist is someone I connected with through my other blog, Roxy the traveling dog.  JM does fabulous pet portraits and loves to do commission work. She has drawn several of our dog blog friends, and they are all so wonderful. But she also draws mice, cats, any kind of pet you have.
This is the picture she did of Roxy, and I love it!!
Here is some more information about JM,  and her art.
Hi! My name is JM, and I’m Bailey and Nala’s mommy. :) Roxy, Mary and Torrey were so nice to let me share my artwork over on their bloggie — thank you Roxy, Mary and Torrey!

I’ve always known a life filled with some sort of art and creativity — whether it was drawing, building things out of paper, painting, etc.  I’ve always taken art in school, and I managed to get the attention of my art teachers. I became known as the girl who could draw something last minute for the school yearbook. When it came time for me to go to college, I never wanted to go for art. I always thought of my art as a hobby, and didn’t want to ever be told ‘when’ to create.

After attending college for 4 years, I decided to switch my major and get my BFA in art. I worked in the field for many years, and then concentrated on being a mom. 

I used to paint on canvas with oils and then acrylics, and then I discovered pastels and chalk. After a few years, I turned back to colored pencils. 

One day I happened upon one of Bailey’s bloggie friend’s photos — it was a profile of Rudy, from There was just something about his photo that made me want to draw him. His eye was so sharp, and the photo was big and clear, and he had this amazing look about him. After I finished his drawing, I wanted to draw another, and then another. Bailey has the best looking friends, so I’ve been scouring all of her friends’ blogs for the next photo to draw. :)

These are a few of the drawings that I’ve done:


Remington, Benny & Lily, and Freddie

I am currently accepting commissioned drawings of 5×7 and 8×10. You can view more photos and information here:

Thanks for having me, Roxy, Mary and Torrey!


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  1. JM’s work is amazing! this picture of Roxy is beautiful!

  2. I love Artsy Fartsy Tuesdays! These drawing are gorgeous. She’s a very talented lady in deed.


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