Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Jackie Bouchard

Today’s Artsy Fartsy Tuesday has gone to the dogs. Cute, felt , and awesome dogs that is. I am going to the Blogpaws blogging conference this week, so art dedicated to dogs, seems perfect.
Jackie Bouchard creates these very cute felted dogs, that are replicas of real dogs. She has done several “tri-pawed” dogs after her own dog got cancer and lost a leg. 
Jackie Bouchard and her sister Terry Sattler try to get together once a week to needle-felt wool caricatures of the beloved pups of family and friends. They are considering offering their pups for sale, as well as donating some to a San Diego Humane Society fund-raiser this summer. When they aren’t felting, Terry enjoys gardening, baking, reading and hanging out with her hubby and their Corgi. Jackie enjoys writing, reading, laughing, and hiking or hanging out with her hubby and her rescue mutt. You can contact Jackie via her website,, or her blog Pooch Smooches, where she blogs about life with her pup and felting projects.

Mary Hone

Two dogs, two artists. Art, travel, and livin' the life!!


  1. just incredible and adorable. I would buy one!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are fantatic. So well done! Enjoy the Blogpaws Conference.


  3. wonderful work, they look so realistic! (except of course for being miniature lol)…can’t wait to meet you at BlogPaws!

  4. These are adorable!! :) :)


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