Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Nature

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Some photos of nature

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday today, is all about seeing the art and beauty in the natural world. We are currently parked in a spot in the middle of the desert that some people would think is awful, and barren. I don’t think  it’s either of these things. The sunrise, like I posted yesterday, and some of the sunsets have been so full of color and life, how could you not love it. I went for a short walk today and took along my camera and 50mm 1.8 lens. I love taking closeups of rocks, plants, or anything else interesting. 

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday

 Artsy Fartsy Tuesday

 The color and texture in the rocks around here is so cool, speaking from a purely rock hound sense of course. 

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday
 Artsy Fartsy Tuesday
 For as dry as it must be here in the summer, there are still tenacious plants that manage to grow. The ground is pretty rocky, so they must have strong roots to get through it all.
Artsy Fartsy Tuesday
 Then of course there are the saguaro cactus, the kings and sentinels of the desert. 
Artsy Fartsy Tuesday saguaro cactusArtsy Fartsy Tuesday
They are crazy looking on the inside. But they are homes to birds, and other little creatures.  There is art and beautiful things everywhere you look, no matter how it all appears on the surface. 

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  1. these are beautiful! The last photo is my fave!

  2. These are wonderful pieces of nature. Sometimes, we tend to ignore these beautiful natural pieces not realizing these are the things to gives life to our place.

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