Traditional and contemporary beadwork

These are our latest beadwork projects. Click on any image to view it larger. All these prices include shipping.
This is my newest creation. I have the idea of making some small, one of a kind wall hangings. Something that will easily fit in a small space on a wall, and is unique and beautiful.
This one is “Beaded sunset.” It has a genuine piece of turquoise in the center, and is hung on a cactus skeleton. 
                    Beadwork sunset      Beadwork sunset
Measures about 14″ x 14″        $300.00  
These small wall hangings are the first in some fun ideas I have. The heart is leather with a one of a kind piece of splattered bronze in the center. I love these bronze splatters from the foundry, they are all so unique, and you never know what you’ll find. Hand beaded around the bronze, and 3 colors of copper wire to hang it from.
Beaded heart, beadwork
Measures 7″ x 5 1/2″ not including the wire hanger. $55.00   

This piece had to be a butterfly, what else does that piece of splattered bronze look like? Hand beaded and 3 colors of copper wire to hang it from. 
Beaded butterfly ,beadwork
 Measures 5″ x 6″ not including the wire hanger. $55.00  

I had fun making these small purses. They are 6″ x 8″ with a 36″ beaded strap. 
Beadwork, purse Beaded butterfly purse, beadwork Beaded butterfly purse, beadwork
Beaded on black deer skin in a traditional floral pattern. There is also a vintage butterfly embellishment. Lined with red fabric, and has an interior pocket. Perfect for carrying your phone and other small essentials. 
beaded purse beaded purse

Decorated with solid bronze pieces and beads. These bronze pieces are from the foundry that casts Al’s sculptures. Each one is unique, and one of a kind. This bag is lined with leather.

beaded purse on vintage frame beaded purse on vintage frame

This awesome little bag is all hand beaded and attached to a vintage purse frame. The frame is stamped, France on the inside. I lined it with fabric. It measures 5″ x 5 1/2″ with the original strap on the frame being adjustble.   Sold

small purse with bronze

small purse with bronze small purse with bronze

This awesome little purse is 6″ x 4 1/2″ with a 50″ strap that is adjustable. It has a one of a kind bronze piece surrounded by great beads. Perfect for a phone, cash, and a lipstick.  



These are reproduction, or more traditional designs. We also have different items on Ebay, so visit there too.

beadwork,amulet,stone spirit Strike a light bag stone spirit
Stone Spirit$125.00  
#1 Strike a light bag$85.00  

Stone Spirit
$100.00   SOLD
Native American beaded bag Beaded Strike a light bag Native American beaded bag
#1 Triangle belt bagSOLD #2 Strike a light bagSOLD #2 Triangle belt bag$55.00  

      Special orders are always welcome, both large and small. These are some examples of past work.

beaded moccasins, pipe bag beadwork bag Triangle bag (1 of 1)
beadwork-beaded leather purse Beadwork-beaded leather purse Side view of beadwork purse
Small beaded purse with a real ammonite. Perfect size for a cell phone, cash, and a lipstick.
custom beaded dog jacket,beadwork custom beaded dog jacket,beadwork custom beaded dog jacket,beadwork
My friend ordered this custom beaded jacket for her dog. I will make this to fit your dog,You can choose the colors and beadwork design you would like. My dog Roxy, the fabulous model.
Custom beaded dog jacket Custom beaded dog jacket Custom beaded dog jacket
Beaded chair back Beaded chair back Beaded chair back, hand carved desk
We created this piece for the Western Design Conference. Of course, the beadwork made the piece. The Spirit of the Tetons
custom beaded pouch beaded pouch
beaded bag coolest beadwork bag I finished the coolest bag
This bag measures 7″ x 6″ I can custom bead any design to make the bag unique to you Inside is lined with batik fabric and also has a pocket


Beadwork — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so happy for you both and wish you continued inspiration and success!

    May I offer a name for the Native American sculpture?

    The name, “White Cloud” came to me instantly when I looked at it this morning. He has a larger than life presence with eyes that show strength, insight, wisdom and kindness. White Cloud is the most prominent of my six Native American Spirit guides and perhaps it was he, who whispered his name to me when I looked at the sculpture today.

    I feel such a connection to this piece and am most grateful and proud of the Native American in my bloodline. I thank Al for honoring these wonderful people with his sculptures and you, Mary for the beautiful beaded pieces you’ve created, as well as your excellent content on the website.

    Congratulations once again and may the “Great Spirit” continue blessing you all.

    In love and friendship,
    Susan Shane, Artisan
    Baltimore, MD

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