Bronze and Beads

Bronze and Beads – The newest creation

I am so excited about this newest beadwork idea. When we were in Quartszite, Al found a guy that had a couple small pieces of bronze. Always looking out for me, and my need to create something different, he bought this piece of bronze, and another small chunk of copper. He ground this piece down so it would be smoother, and this is what I came up with. 
bronze and beadwork,leather,cuff
 The bronze is so free form, yet has a definite shape, so I wanted to follow the lines that were already there. I chose the red and turquoise beads because they really show off, and compliment the bronze. 
Bronze and beads,beadwork,leather,cuff
I found a nice complimentary button at Joann’s of all places. 
bronze and beadwork,leather,cuffBronze and beadwork,leather,cuff
 The really great part was, we went to the foundry that cast’s Al’s sculptures on Friday. We got to go where they do all the metal work. There were piles and buckets of bronze bits and pieces that we got to sift through. Talk about cool stuff, some of them are an art form all on their own. We picked out some small pieces that I can use on the leather cuffs, and even some phone bags. They are going to be awesome!!
And speaking of phone bag, here is the bag I made to match this cuff.
beaded cell phone bag, black, leather 
For now, I am going to keep this set. I am really in love with the way this turned out. But, I picked up some very cool pieces of bronze at the foundry, so who knows what I will make next.

Mary Hone

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  2. Just gorgeous! I tweeted!

  3. you amaze me Mary. what will you come up with next. this is simply dazzling! Creative writing and style with artful findings turned into art

  4. This one’s really lovely. The bronze surely adds a good effect on it.

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