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Beadwork and beads, what else is there?

Beadwork and beads, what else do you need in life?

Are you looking for something truly unique? A hand crafted, one of a kind treasure?
Then check out all the great pieces on my Beadwork page. Many of the items are available right now, simply add them to your cart, and check out using PayPal. Custom orders are welcome too. I can help you design that perfect piece, with your choice of pattern and colors. 
Beadwork and beads,custom, one of a kind
 How about some one of a kind jewelry?
I use vintage trade beads, hand carved boar tusk ivory, and other great finds to create these unique jewelry pieces. Go to the Trade bead jewelry page to see what’s available. 
trade bead jewelry, boar tusk ivory, hand carved

Joseph, Oregon a great little art town

Joseph, Oregon a great little art town

We have left Oregon, and are in Idaho waiting for our art show this weekend in Sun Valley. Oregon is a beautiful state and we loved everywhere we went. There are old small towns where the buildings that were built in the late 1800’s are still being used today. The history, and the sheer beauty made it a great trip, and we will definitely go back. We spent a few days in Joseph, Oregon. Someone, somewhere, told us it is a great little art town, and it is. There are 2 or 3 bronze foundries there, and several art galleries. We were told there are numerous artists that live in this small town of 1000. The main street is packed with cute shops, galleries, and places to eat or drink. There are large bronze sculptures everywhere, and the town prides itself on the art walk that is there for all to see and enjoy.
Joseph, Oregon
Joseph, Oregon

How to make a dog coat

How to make a dog coat

On Saturday, I did a post on Roxy the traveling dog, on how to make a cozy wool coat, or capote for your dog. I had posted some pictures on Roxy’s facebook page of her in her capote, and had some comments asking how to make one. So I did something I have never done before, I tried to explain the steps in making the coat. I am not a person who sews, so this is a pretty easy project to do.

How to make a dog coat  How to make a dog coat

So take at a look at the post on Roxy the Traveling dog. And If you would rather just buy one, I can make a custom one for your dog.

Jackson Fall Art Festival is underway

Jackson Hole Fall Art Festival

The second weekend in September is the start of the Fall Art Festival here in Jackson Hole. The town of Jackson, and the art galleries go all out for 10 days. Every day there are new activities, gallery walks, and a multitude of exhibits and art to see. Friday night was the official kick off with “Palates and Pallettes”. This is a fun event where all the galleries in town team up with a restaurant or caterer and serve free food, wine and beer. There are always tons of people in town strolling the square, looking at art, and eating. It’s not always the best night to actually sell art, but it certainly gets people out and looking.