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Wandering in the desert

I needed yet another mental health day yesterday, so we went wandering in the desert. Sadly, it wasn’t our very favorite red rock desert, but it was nice enough. All I really needed was to listen to the silence, absorb some sunshine, and look for rocks and other cool things. I was able to get all three of these. 
This rock had a piece of fossilized bone in it, how cool is that!

The Taste of the Tetons

Jackson Fall Arts Festival-The Taste of the Tetons

By far one of our favorite things to do during the fall arts festival is go to the Taste of the Tetons. We have missed it the last 2 years, and there was no way we were going to miss it this year. All the major restaurants in town set up tents on the town square. Each restaurant serves one or maybe two dishes and the chefs are right there preparing it.
Each plate is between $1 and $5, a bargain to be sure. The hardest part is deciding which food to purchase. While the portions are small, it would still be impossible to eat at every single restaurant. So we walk around, look at everything, smell all the wonderful smells, and then decide.