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Torrey’s new backpack from Kyjen

 A review of the dog backpack from Outward Hound

We received a dog backpack for Torrey from our wonderful sponsor, Kyjen.  Sunday was the perfect day for a fall hike in a beautiful canyon near us, so we packed everyone up and off we went. I am a big fan of dog backpacks, if the dog can carry their own water and treats, the less I need to carry in my pack. Torrey is a 30lb dog and had no trouble carrying 2 bottles of water and some treats.
The pack from Outward Hound, a Kyjen product, is roomy, and easy to use. There are straps on the chest to keep it from slipping back, and two adjustable straps that go around the body. 
A lot of the hike was in and out of water, and the pack was completely waterproof.

Review – Outward Hound backseat hammock

The Outward Hound backseat hammock, seat protector

I recently received this seat protector from our new sponsor, Kyjen, who make the Outward hound line of products. Outward Hound is all about getting out and having fun with your dogs, and protecting your car too. When you travel full time like we do, a lot of time is spent in the truck. And that means, when you have a fuzzy dog like Torrey, dog hair, lots of dog hair.
The seats in our truck are fabric, mostly because I have a real dislike for leather seats. Admittedly, they aren’t as easy to keep clean.  We started out with a packing blanket in the back seat to protect it, that was a mediocre solution since it moved around and they are pretty big to just throw in a washing machine. I then made a seat protector from some canvas I had. I put straps and buckles to keep it in place, this worked a little better, but it was hard to keep in place, and got dirty real fast.
And then we got the backseat hammock from Kyjen. It’s made of strong nylon material, has straps to keep it in place, and even has velcro openings for seat belts, or if a person wants to ride in the back. The nylon is super easy to keep clean, the dog hair doesn’t stick to it, so I can just wipe the seat, and that’s it.