Here we are at rendezvous….again

Fort Bridger rendezvous

We left Jackson Hole on Monday to come to the Fort Bridger rendezvous. Nothing actually starts till today, but it’s been fun and relaxing hanging out with our friends all week. This is the biggest rendezvous in this part of the country. Thousands of people will come to hang out, and there are hundreds of camps, both primitive and “tin-tipi”. The tin-tipi area is actually a huge field that is owned by a local family. They run the cows out, mow down the tall grass, and let us all move in. In order to be able to camp primitive inside the fort area, you have to try and reserve a spot a year in advance. Most people that camp inside have been coming here for years and years, so they have a secured spot. 
This is the field before everyone starts moving in.
And this is Thursday morning, a few more camps are moving in.
Thursday afternoon and there were still more people, but it will get way more crowded than this.
There are always lots of tipi’s and primitives camps mixed in with the tin-tipi campers at this rendezvous. It’s very fun to see actually.
Since nothing really starts until today, we’ve just been hanging out and getting some beadwork done all week.
Al is doing a great job on his first big beadwork project, bead strips for the shirt he will eventually make for himself. I made a new little bag that will go on my belt and is big enough for my small camera, and a water bottle. Then of course I had to jazz it up with some beadwork.
So, it’s going to be a fun weekend, shooting guns, bows, and the shit. 

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  1. love those bags!!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Its raining here. Got my hay delivered and stacked and covered for winter. Next the coal. Made a batch of salsa from our garden. Going to Spring City today with friends. Got a baby sitter! Life is good and I’m grateful. Mike turned 65 today! excellent shape so far. As for me I stopped at 49.

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