It’s the Friday photo post

Last week I decided to do my own photo a day thing, and invited everyone to participate. The photos just need to be something Artsy. Whether it be real art, nature, people, pets, anything. I have snapped my photos on my phone, did the instagram tweeking thing, and came up with some fun stuff. 
This was one of my favorites this week. We were still getting snow and this huge tree was covered except for the spot in the middle. The clouds and light behind the tree was interesting too.
The raven lives in our house, we like him. The trade beads are just some of the many that I have for sale. I can’t say enough how much I love trade beads. They are all individual works of art.
Just a couple of interesting snow pictures. The day it snowed, then a few days later.
I also have continued with the November photo a day from Fat Mum Slim. 
Something I can’t or won’t live without. Easy..the hubs.
Drink. I don’t drink milk, and this stuff is yummy anyway.
Where you slept. Not anything different there.
Man made. This was actually woman made, since I made it.
In your bag. My wallet. I travel light.
I love being able to carry a small camera with me, in the shape of a phone. And instagram is fun to tweak the pics, and also see what everybody else has posted. I always tell people that it’s twitter with pictures.
Do you like photography, instagram, or any other photo magic?

Mary Hone

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  1. just beautiful! Ugh I hate when it tells me I have to “go back and type more words”….POOP!! How’s THAT? lol

  2. Great pics. Like those

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