Just a lot of work going on

Just a lot of work going on

We have had wonderful weather, in the mid 70’s, so working outside has been a must. We have just been creative, and enjoyed the sunshine, and actually got a lot of projects done. I finished another beaded cuff. This one has a genuine piece of turquoise in the center. I am loving the way this one turned out. The colors are awesome!!
Beadwork, leather cuff,turquoise
Beadwork, leather cuff,turquoiseBeadwork, leather cuff,turquoise
 This one is on the beadwork page for sale at $150.00.
 I think Al has found a new passion, and he, of course, is very good at it. He made both these knife sheaths, and they came out great!
beadwork, knife sheathbeadwork,knife sheath 
We have enjoyed some more wonderful sunsets too. We are going to be leaving here on Thursday, and I am not happy about that. I have loved being in the warm sunshine!!
Desert sunset
 Have an awesome Monday!!

Mary Hone

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  1. the beauty of your work ALWAYS makes me smile :)

  2. I am really fascinated with your designs. They are so ethnic and unique.

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