Learning a new art form

Al has been learning a new art form 

As hard as it may seem, Al has been learning a new art form this past week. He has been a wood worker since…..well, forever. He grew up in the wood working shop his grandfather built, and his dad took over. He has been doing very detailed carvings for the past 10 years, but, he has never chisel carved.  Al bid a job a few months ago to replicate a piece of furniture a client had. They decided to go ahead with the project, and he has been learning something new.
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Al has always used his power carver to create his art. So this was definitely something different.

He quickly learned that he didn’t have all the tools to do this project. Chisels can only do so much, carving knives are what he needed. They are super sharp, and allow for more freedom in creating curved work, that chisels just can’t do. 

Learning a new art form

All this just proves that you can learn new things, no matter how old you are. This project is turning out kinda cool, something different. Maybe not something he will do in the future, but cool just the same.
Learning a new art formLearning a new art form

 Learning a new art form-Chisel carving


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  1. His talent is simply incredible!

  2. A Master carver/ artist who Mastered a challenge

  3. How interesting. Looks like he has found a new art form that he is good at. It looks really pretty.

  4. I love handmade woodcarvings. Looks like it’s made with attention and love. Al is a hast learner. What amazing talent.

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