Lots of new beadwork projects

I have finished lots of new beadwork projects this past week

There is nothing more inspirational than sitting in a warm sunny spot, in the middle of nowhere, and beading. It’s also been really nice, because my one and only beading buddy, Shannon, is sitting here with me. Not having a lot of distractions, like trying to stay warm, has given me more time to be productive. I also found some awesome things to use on the leather bracelets. I have wanted to do more of the leather cuffs, and I’ve got some pretty unique pieces done.
I love this one, the center is a beautiful pinkish piece if abalone. Hand beaded on leather with a fabric backing.
beadwork-beaded leather cuff
 Beadwork-beaded leather cuff
beadwork-beaded leather cuff
It’s for sale on the beadwork page for $100.00.
Beadwork, beaded leather cuff
Beadwork- Beaded leather cuff
 This piece is currently for sale on the beadwork page for $75.00. It has a nice little turquoise nugget, surrounded by a sea of beads. 
 beadwork-beaded leather cuff
 Beadwork- beaded leather cuff
 This piece is on its way to the CM Russell museum gift shop in Great Falls, MT. 
Al broke out his beading skills too and made this great beaded pouch. It’s 3″ x 4 1/2″ and is for sale for $100.00.
beadwork, beaded pouchBeadwork-beaded leather pouch
I am starting on a few more pieces, more new and unique beadwork, coming soon.

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  1. those are just beautiful! Your work is gorgeous!

  2. These are all lovely pieces. You could probably start a business with you bead works.

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