Review of Juil shoes

My review of the Juil shoes. Made for earthing or grounding.

I am one lucky blogger. I received a pair of Juil shoes to review, and I love them! Juil shoes are made for grounding, or “earthing.”   From their website- 

With Juil, every step matters.

What we are discovering is that we require a connection to the earth and its energies in order to thrive within our modern society. With continued technological growth, we are becoming more and more removed from the world around us and the power of nature. Beyond a mere pleasure, our exposure to nature is necessary to sustain healthy, productive, and stable lives. Juil footwear connects you to the greatest source of well being available – the earth beneath your feet.

Review of Juil shoes-earthing, grounding

I believe that we all need to feel connected to the earth, as much as possible. When practicing yoga, one of the purposes is to ground, or connect to the earth. The simple act of standing and concentrating on grounding, while breathing your yoga breath, just feels so right. Walking, or even hiking barefoot, is an experience like none other, feeling that connection to the earth. So the technology behind the Juil shoes makes perfect sense. More from their website- 

Summary of Features & Benefits

  • Energy Flow Technology™ uses the earth to restore the balance in our bodies
  • Subtle arch support in step with the barefoot movement
  • Exclusive design allows your feet to move naturally while maintaining a snug fit
  • Ergonomically-designed footbed and uppers soften to fit the contours of your foot and allow for extended wear with limited discomfort.
Review of Juil shoes-earthing, grounding
Their are little copper conductors that go through the foot bed of the shoe. So your foot is connected with the earth, through the conductors. And, these shoes are super comfortable and cute. In fact, I had the hardest time choosing which pair to try out. They have several different styles of sandals, and two styles of clogs. All of them are high quality leather, and the pair I choose has a cork foot bed.
Review of Juil shoes-earthing, grounding
Thankfully our weather has been mild lately, so I have been able to wear my shoes. But I am really excited for warm weather, because I wear sandals all the time, and these are fantastic. 
Visit the Juil website to see all the cute styles, and read more about the technology behind them. And if you order on their website right now, you can get 25% off and free shipping.

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  1. I like the mojanda style in brown. I would paint my toe nails a pretty colur to. I love to wear earth type shoes in warm weather. Right now I wear socks with my sandals.

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