See Beautiful – Teton sunset

See Beautiful – Teton sunset

I am participating in the See beautiful blog hop today. Living right next to the majestic Teton mountains, even for just the summer, is simply awe inspiring. I love the Tetons over any mountain range I have seen, so far. They are my mountains. The sunsets are spectacular.
See Beautiful - Teton sunset
See Beautiful - Teton sunset
 See Beautiful - Teton sunset
See Beautiful - Teton sunset
¬†Join in the See Beautiful blog hop today, it’s my favorite. I have also posted some beautiful photos on Roxy the traveling dog today. So be sure to visit there too.
Have a happy Friday and remember to always find the beauty around you.

Mary Hone

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  1. Enjoy what you can today while you can. Glad your gathering and taking in all this beauty around you. We are effected by our surroundings whether they make us uncomfortable or feel emotional about them or in awe. No regrets I say no regrets on living the way of Natures breath taking wonderland. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for bringing us closer to the beauty through your eyes with your camera lens and your eye for the extreme remarkable Planet of ours.

  2. ohhhh my those are breathtakingly beautiful!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh wow… just wow. There aren’t really words to properly describe the Earth’s majesty sometimes. Am I jealous? Yeah, a little. Maybe a lot. :)


  5. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

  6. The first photo looks like a painting. Lots of Golden Thanks for sharing. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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