Stone Spirits

 Stone Spirits
In the past, Native Americans who found a sacred or special stone, would make it into an amulet that could be worn around the neck, enabling the sacred stone to be with them at all times. The amulet would be decorated with bead work, or other decorations that would enhance the special qualities of the stone. Sometimes instead of an amulet, the stone would just be decorated and used as display. Possibly these were carried in a bag or pouch. 
 This is my interpretation of what I have read about, and seen referenced to as, rock medicine.
The Stone Spirits that I have created are all one of a kind, and unique in their own way. Each stone has been hand picked from the Gros Ventre river in Wyoming. I have wrapped the stones in leather, decorated with old trade beads, and done the bead work on the amulet.

The Stone Spirits that are for display are attached to a wooden base that enables them to stand on their own.            
  I hope that everyone can feel the magical and special quality of these Stone Spirits. 

Mary Hone

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  1. I definitely believe in the “magic” of stones and these are just gorgeous!!

    Guess what arrived????


    THANK YOU!!!

    I am going to be mentioning it this Wordless Wednesday when I announce the KONG winners of Dakota’s blog!

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much!

  2. Caren, I am Sooooooooo glad you love it!! Enjoy it. I’ll look for your Weds. post. And yes, rocks are magic.

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