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Jackson Fall Art Festival is underway

Jackson Hole Fall Art Festival

The second weekend in September is the start of the Fall Art Festival here in Jackson Hole. The town of Jackson, and the art galleries go all out for 10 days. Every day there are new activities, gallery walks, and a multitude of exhibits and art to see. Friday night was the official kick off with “Palates and Pallettes”. This is a fun event where all the galleries in town team up with a restaurant or caterer and serve free food, wine and beer. There are always tons of people in town strolling the square, looking at art, and eating. It’s not always the best night to actually sell art, but it certainly gets people out and looking. 

Native American horse masks-New sculpture

 Many protective horse masks originated in visions of the Powers which reside above the earth, or within it. Wrapped in thunder, stitched with lightning, braced by prayerful songs ans plangent with the sound of bells, these masks translated an ordinary horse into a being of extraordinary abilities, which might carry a man into that place between cloud shadow and sunshine where neither arrows nor bullets could ever find him. Like all masks, these are touched with mystery, and not a little of the divine. Their beauty can be startling, and always is austere.    

(Mike Cowdrey- American Indian horse masks)