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Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Kelly Magleby

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Kelly Magleby and replica Anasazi pottery

Today’s Artsy Fartsy artist makes replica Anasazi pottery. Kelly follows the same techniques that the Anasazi’s used to create her wonderful pottery. The look and feel of these pieces is like artifacts I have seen in museums. This bowl below is incredible, and one of my favorites.

Replica Anasazi pottery

Kelly has shared her technique, and some information about herself and her art.
Kelly Magleby-Replica Anasazi pottery   Replica Anasazi pottery

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Sarah J. Webber

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Sarah J. Webber

We had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah at the Western Masters art show this past March. I can think of so many adjectives to describe her, exuberant, pleasant, driven, funny, just a great person to be around. And she is a wonderful artist. I was drawn to her animal paintings with the great colors and soft lines. 
It’s not a surprise that I love wildlife art, but not all art is created equal. I love the approach Sarah takes with her  painting. She has a wonderful ability to bring out the spirit in each animal. 

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday-Mitch Baird

Artsy Fartsy Tuesday- Mitch Baird

We met Mitch last year in Jackson Hole at the gallery that him and Al were in. He is the nicest guy, very passionate about his work, and very good at it too. Al ran into him this year in Jackson, then again near the campground while he was painting Plein Air. Mitch has a great variety of work, landscapes, figurative, and still life. But I think his passion really lies in the landscapes. He has a wonderful, loose, and colorful style in his art.