The awesome gift

The awesome gift we gave ourselves 

We gave ourselves the most awesome gift, that will keep on giving. We really needed a better work area in the RV. I usually do my beadwork, or work on the computer, at the little kitchen table. Or sometimes I will just work in the recliner. These options are kinda OK, but not really. The kitchen table is not real big, and the chairs are hard. The recliner works pretty good, but not really ergonomically correct. We had talked about making a work desk before, but then we kinda decided we really didn’t need one. Well, I decided that I,or we, needed a decent desk and chair. Here is what we came up with.
Custom desk-The awesome gift
 The two cupboards on the sides are deep and wide enough to hold my totes and boxes full of beads, leather, and what ever I need to do, what it is I do. We also bought an office chair, which makes a huge comfortable difference. 
Our awesome giftThe awesome gift-Petroglyphs on deskThe awesome gift
 Al measured and decided what we needed, then built it to fit exactly where we wanted it to go. I carved the petroglyphs on the doors. I also decided we HAD to have the lizard handles. I mean really, what else would have worked so perfectly. 
The awesome gift
 The top is formica, which will be nice and durable, and easy to clean.
I used the desk on Wednesday, when I decided to make a purse from my favorite pair of 501’s that finally bit the dust. I have never made a purse from a pair of jeans, but I knew how I wanted them to look. So I got out my sewing machine, scissors and leather. It was wonderful working on a bigger area that had plenty of room. 
Denim purse from old Levi 501's
Denim purse made from old levi 501's 
This is what I ended up with. The fringe and belt are leather. Yes, I am channeling my inner 70’s child, cause I really am one. What do you think? 
We are also going to try and head down south, soon. We want to go to St. George, UT to visit friends, then got to Arizona till mid February. The problem is, we got a foot of snow in the last two days. We aren’t real sure we can get the trailer out. I am really crossing my fingers we can get out of here, soon.

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  1. That desk is just perfect and so creative!!! Since I was in college in the 70s that purse is right up my alley! LOVE IT!

  2. I think your new work area is superdopper. I love the carvings and the handles. I wish I would have kept the denim purses I made years gone by. Takes me back Mary. I really enjoyed going to the mall today at Bath and Body. We should have told that guy he looked like Hugh Jackman,which we will regret seeing how her would have reacted or his girlie friend?or wife whould have. Maybe you will se Tom or Sam in Az. Tel them I have some gourds for them if you do. They have to come by and get them.

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