Vintage ice cream soda fountain

This past winter, Al was asked by a client to help restore an old ice cream soda fountain. They had purchased the whole back part of the soda fountain along with the original stools. They wanted Al to restore and rebuild the wood front counter. They were placing the soda fountain inside a big metal building they had built on the property to house the other antiques they own. They are planning on transforming the building into a small museum and they plan on serving ice cream at the soda fountain.
Here is the front counter, without the counter top. This is a great old piece of wood work. 
The stools and foot rail are next to be installed. I’m hoping to be able to get pictures of the whole project when it’s done. It’s going to look great when it’s all together, the client has a great eye for detail and authenticity. I’m not sure if the glassware came with the soda fountain when they bought it, but they have a huge array of different dishes and soda glasses. There are some spoons I have never seen before, they are really long with a small spoon on the end, but the stem is hollow so it can be used as a straw. Super cool.  (sorry bad lighting for photo’s)
I took some time when we there to get photos of some of the antiques. They have such an eclectic collection and the light was not the best, so I just shot what seemed the most interesting. 


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