Where is that creative juice?

Where is that creative juice? Have you seen it? 

I lost my creative juice, it up and left for awhile, thankfully I have found it again. 
Creative Juice
 It all started when we left the warm, sunny, secluded, beautiful, quite spot we stayed at in Arizona. While we were camped out in the middle of nowhere, I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and sunset, just about everyday. I was able to bead outside in the warm sun, or just lay and soak up the rays. And, the surroundings were serene and inspiring. Then we left.
We had to go to St.George because Al had two sculptures in the Sears Dixie invitational, and they requested that artists be there for the opening night. A few days after that, we had to head north to Utah County. Al had scheduled a wood carving class, and also needed to do the patina on the new sculpture,”Weathering the storm.” The sculpture was sold, and going to Arizona. When we left St. George, the plan was we would be gone a week or two and then go back to St. George where it’s warmer. Well, that didn’t happen. We ended up staying in Utah county, in Benjamin to be exact, where Al’s shop is. I was thrown into a deep depressive funk like I’ve never been in before. I do not like cold, snow, or ice. And I’m not a very big fan of this area either. So as a result, I had ZERO creative juice.
I was able to keep writing Roxy the traveling dog, that’s pretty easy for me. Dogs are happy and carefree no matter what, and that blog is “written” buy Roxy and Torrey. So that was easy. 
I did manage to get some beading done on my moccasins, mostly because I have one done, and was just making the other to match. Not a lot of creativity needed for that.
creative Juice,beaded moccasins
 I finally pulled myself out of the mire and funk of the depression, put my big girl panties on, and got over myself. 
Then I found the creative juice again.
I will post pictures tomorrow of the new things I started over the weekend. They are pretty cool, I think anyway. 
 I’m still not thrilled we are here, but I’m focused on getting things done for the summer art shows and rendezvous season. And the sun has been out a little more lately. (I think I’m part lizard or something) We are planning on leaving here in a month, I can live with that…..I suppose. 
Put your big girl panties on, and carry on.
Have you ever had to pull yourself out of the muck and mire, and put your big girl panties on? 

Mary Hone

Two dogs, two artists. Art, travel, and livin' the life!!


  1. in answer to your question, pretty much EVERY DAY! Glad you are back on track! xoxo

  2. It can always be worst and nobody died is my saying. I know what you mean by creative flowing juices. The thing that happens to me is I get that great idea and then it doesn’t come out the way I had imagined this great idea or….. ” I mess it up.” and it goes in the trash! But.sometimes that helps me to reexamine my idea for something I missed or even better I start over and the next time it will turn out. Try, try , try again instead of Cry, cry, cry. My art keeps me balanced! I’m pulling myself up and moving forward because blue skies are here. I am almost healed from my major surgery four weeks ago. Two more weeks and I will be walking up the hill with my doggies to heal my mind!

  3. This only proves that an artist will always be an artist no matter what or where she may be.

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