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If you are interested in any of the art listed on this site, or would like to custom order a piece, please contact us.
 E-mail   desertravenart@gmail.com  
Phone number 801-367-5560
Trade bead jewelry and Stone Spirits, can be found at the gift shop in the CM Russell museum in Great Falls, Montana.
The Hideout in Jackson Hole, Wyoming carries beadwork, jewelry, and leather work. 
Al’s Sculptures can be seen at The Grand Teton Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY
We also do art shows, and mountain man rendezvous’  throughout the year where we sell our products. We welcome custom orders on beadwork, jewelry, sculptures and furniture. 
 At the end of the day, we are still artists, and this is a little bit about us.
I have a great appreciation for Native American art and culture. I am inspired by the beauty and artistry, the peaceful way they lived, and their connection to mother earth. Everyday I strive to live my life in a way that exemplifies that ideal.  I have spent a lifetime studying and learning about the Native American culture, admiring the use of art in their everyday lives, and the beauty and serenity it embraces.
I taught myself how to bead several years ago, but never really did anything with it. Al and I met in 2006 and we started going to mountain man rendezvous. This reignited my passion for beadwork and leather work. I made myself a buckskin dress, bags, leggings the whole outfit. When we got married, we wanted to wear our mountain man clothes and I made a white buckskin wedding dress and moccasins.
 I really enjoy doing beadwork. To watch the beauty come alive on the leather is still magical to me. I work with traditional patterns, mostly Sioux or Northern Plains Indian. Every piece I create is based on authentic items found in museums throughout the country, trying to recreate the wonderful spirit of these noble people of ancient times.
                Mary Hone                                                                                                                                                                             
I have been creating art most of my life. I have studied with, and been influenced by, artists from many different fields. Tapping into this knowledge and experience, has enabled me to create wonderful and unique works of art.

 After years of sculpting wood, the natural progression was to draw on that knowledge and apply it to bronze work. The last few years I have concentrated more fully on sculpture, and have completed several pieces. I draw inspiration from nature, the people of the past, and my own life in the west. 

 The ability to express yourself through art is a gift, and should be shared with others. As an artist, I believe art should be not only visually pleasing, but should touch on the viewers emotions. 


Al Hone



Who are we – Contact us — 2 Comments

  1. Hello!
    I just found your web site, from GoPetFriendly.com after a comment of yours about
    Sedona, AZ. I love this site, and your comments about your background and what you
    both love and how you live your life! How wonderful is that?

    There is hardly anything that you mentioned that I don’t love or have in common with
    you, except I haven’t gone out and done the things that you both have done! Congrats
    on that.

    I do live in an area that is quiet, with lots of room for my Buddy, very close to nature,
    which is the best part. Hardly any neighbors, so I really relate to what you had to say
    about where you live, EXCEPT I couldn’t find anything that said where you lived? Utah?
    Doesn’t look like my part of Arizona, but if you can let me know where those mountains are

    Thanks for your insights and sharing what you all do, and your travels with your doggies!

    Desert Hills, AZ

  2. Hello Mary. Ive admired your shadowboxes on pinterest for sometime now (with the little Indian doll&moccasins&little beaded bag. I wonder if youd be interested in making just the little beaded doll for me&how much that would be. I do a little beading for fun but nothing lile your beautiful work. Im a teacher so there isnt much time! Anyway Id love to hear from you thx Jean

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