Wildflowers in Oregon

Wildflowers in Oregon

Holy cow, where does time go? We have been so busy going to new places, mountain man rendezvous’, and just having a great time. Currently we are in Oregon. I have never been here before, and I love it! We came here to go to the Pacific primitive mountain man rendezvous. It was held just outside of Seneca, Oregon in a beautiful secluded canyon. 10 days of being completely unplugged, and living in a world of 150 years ago. I have pictures, and more about the rendezvous on Roxy the traveling dog today.
 We left there on Saturday, and came here to Pendleton. I wanted to go to the woolen mill, and I am so glad we did. More on that tomorrow on Roxy the traveling dog for Artsy Fartsy Tuesday.
While we were camping, we went hiking through the woods and I found some awesome flowers to photograph.  I love columbine, and I have never seen one like this. They were amazingly beautiful.
Wild flowers of Oregon
 I have no idea what this is, but it’s awesome!
Wildflowers in Oregon
 And this one too.
Wildflowers in Oregon
 The trees here have the coolest moss on them.
Wildflowers in Oregon
Wildflowers in Oregon
 And of course…an amazing sunset.
Sunset in Oregon
 We are so incredibly fortunate to be able to go these new places, and see such beautiful places. 

Mary Hone

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  1. YES you ARE fortunate! So are we, we get to view your marvelous photos and live vicariously through them! Welcome Back!

  2. I wish I would have been there could we could have. Glad you logged everything in blog and pics so I can live vicariously through your journeys! Sending my love which is the ultimate gift I can sent to all of you

  3. Wonderful photos Mary…Thanks for sharing

  4. So beautiful. Glad you got to participate in this rendezvous. Heading over to Roxy’s blog to see what you have to share.

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